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Web Design 1011:  Interoperability, Accessibility, Compliance, & Branding.    

Web Site Consulting

RealmEleven is steeped in a web-development tradition that demands a combination of memorable branding, clear and focused content, decisive positioning, and the fastest easiest navigation system possible. Our domains combine a navigational backbone of dropdown menus covering every page on the site, with toolbars and sidebars to enhance convenience and define link relevance. We fix navigation features in one place for ease of use and a uniform piloting experience, alongside branding which all together is colour separated from the content. Colour separation in the absence of flashing or otherwise moving graphics conveys both a strong sense of brand without diluting visitors focus on content. In short, our visitors know who we are and get the message loud and clear.

Only RealmEleven offers web design and engineering with hands-on eCommerce experience, Unprecedented techniques, world class web engineering, understanding of interoperability & accessibility issues, flexible fixed branding and navigation, centralised common content, and drop-down menus that will function under all conditions.


It's the World Wide Web, Not Hollywood!

The primary objective of a web page is to provide information to visitors and in a commercial context, to generate sales. People willing & competent to spend money online are looking for product documentation, not distracting and potentially harmful Hollywood style special effects. Would you run a program from an unknown source such as an anonymous email, on your business computer without scanning it with your anti-virus application? This is why any features you add to your web page that are developed using "Active", "Dynamic", or "Client-Side" scripting such as VBScript, JavaScript, Flash, ActiveX, and .NET will not be visible to your paying customers. After 80 billion dollars was cleaned out of bank accounts in a one month world wide sting that depended on such technologies, most people are no longer so gullible.


The Superiority of Web Engineering over Web Design

What makes RealmEleven superior to all other web development services worldwide is that we do not meagrely design a web page, we engineer every page of the sites we manage to ensure that they function without potentially harmful scripting technology, and that they are clear, credible, commercially accessible, legible to the visually impaired, efficient to maintain, and compatible with almost any browser.